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100 days challenge!

Improve very each part of your life, ))

days, challenge!, improve, very, #each, part, your, life

Forum Co-work Anglais

Here you will meet and discuss with your classmates. It is a place where you will help each others with the assignment and activities.

forum, co-work, anglais, here, will, meet, discuss, with, your, classmates, place, where, help, #each, others, assignment, activities

EPLN Song Contest

EPLN (Eurovision pour les nuls) Song Contest is a fictive international song contest. The competition was based upon the real Eurovision held each year in Europe.

epln, song, contest, (eurovision, pour, nuls), fictive, international, competition, based, upon, real, eurovision, held, #each, year

L'écurie de toutes les chances

L'écurie de toutes les chances

#each, luck, l'écurie, toutes, chances

Slaps For Dumbs

Slapping each second you can. Slaps For Dumbs. pwner teh dUmb

pwner, dumb, slaps, dumbs

Never Forget The Mansion

In each human reside two forms. . One is awake in the darkness. The other one is asleep in the light. . Which form do you belong?

never, forget, mansion, #each, human, reside, forms, awake, darkness, other, asleep, light, which, form, belong?

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